In the Church, we believe there is a priesthood of all believers. Every Church member, every believer in Christ, is called to serve.  Each of us is given spiritual gifts to be used to edify the Body of Christ, in service to the Church and the world.  All of us have a ministry to do. We will be glad to help you identify yours if you don’t know yet what it might be. And if you want to serve in a ministry, we can also train you for it. The Body of Christ, the Church, needs you.

Church Council
The Church Council is the governing board of the Church. The Congregational meeting elects Council members and entrusts regular financial and business management to the Council.  In between Congregational meetings, the Council carries out the will of the body in the daily governance of the Church.  The Council establishes various members as liaisons to the committees of the Church. 

Church Staff
The Church staff is here to serve. From the church secretary to custodian to choir directors, the goal is service to the Church. Staff members welcome your comments, questions, and encouragement.

Rev. Jon Haack is our Pastor. Pastor Haack is a graduate of Texas Lutheran University and holds an MDiv granted jointly by Christ Seminary—Seminex and Wartburg Theological Seminary. He has served in pastoral ministry for over 30 years and serves currently on the Iowa Conference UCC Board of Directors, and is Treasurer for the Iowa Conference. He was born in Davenport, Iowa, and returned home to the Iowa values and culture, to serve Peace United Church of Christ in Elkader. 

Pastor Haack has a passion for peace, social justice, and for the Word of God, in teaching and preaching the message of salvation and grace. He is strong in worship leadership, congregational care, and community outreach/social justice ministries. Whenever he is in the office, his door is open, and you are welcome!

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